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STONKS-9800 Devlog #2: Reputation

2023 / 05 / 31

Today I want to tell you about an important thing: the reputation system in the game.

In STONKS-9800, your reputation isn't some fancy metric. It's like your shadow in the game, showing how well you're doing across a whole bunch of things that make up the life of a businessman.

Here's the structure of the criteria that form your reputation:

1. Public Image

This is all about how you are perceived by the general public and the media. It will rise when you maintain a clean and scandal-free image. It's all about PR here.

2. Financial Success

As the saying goes, money talks. Your financial prowess, captured by your total net worth, annual profit, and asset growth, speaks volumes about your business acumen.

3. Ethical Conduct

Here's where your moral compass comes into play. Collaborating with the Yakuza and engaging in illicit activities can offer short-term gains, but will negatively impact this score.

4. Networking

This isn't just about whom you know, but how you maintain these relationships. Attend social events, make the right friends, and your networking reputation will soar.

5. Market Knowledge

Are you on top of the latest trends? Do you have a knack for predicting market shifts? Prove it, and watch your market knowledge reputation grow.

6. Philanthropy

Generous donations and charity work boost your philanthropy reputation. After all, a businessman's role isn't limited to just making profits.

7. Innovation

Pour money into developing and promoting novel technologies or revolutionary ideas. Taking the lead in innovation always makes a mark.

8. Overall Reputation

The ultimate reflection of your standing in the business world, this is the sum total of all the above facets.

Each of these dimensions will not only influence how the world perceives you but also unlock new gameplay possibilities. A solid reputation might attract exclusive deals, special events, and unique opportunities, while a questionable reputation might incite public backlash or even attract government scrutiny.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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STONKS-9800 Devlog #1: Amy

2023 / 03 / 27

I've decided to start a devlog of STONKS-9800 as I'm getting closer to releasing the game in Early Access. The devlog will continue as long as the game is updated, even after release. I'm excited to share my progress with everyone and give some insight into the development process.

Well, you probably already know what the game is about, right? Maybe you've even played the demo and noticed that Amy plays the role of a player's assistant. And I decided to expand her role a bit. But I should warn you that the game is still primarily a fun stock market simulator, so don't expect it to become a fully formed visual novel.

So, first devlog about Amy. Who is she?

Amy is a complex character with a range of emotions and experiences, which I wanted to reflect in her dialogues. She's a hard worker and takes her job seriously, but also has a playful and mischievous side to her personality. I wanted to make sure that her conversations with the player were not only informative and task-oriented, but also had some humor and lightheartedness to them.

To achieve this, I came up with a variety of dialogues that reflect different aspects of Amy's personality. For example, I created dialogues where Amy tells stories from her childhood, shares personal and intimate details from her life, and even gets a little bit tipsy and acts silly with the player while on a walk.

I wanted to create a character that would not only guide players through the game but also provide an engaging and memorable experience.

I also made sure to incorporate cultural references to Japan in the 80s, where the game takes place, to really immerse the player in the setting and make the dialogues feel more authentic. These references range from famous Japanese works to local customs and traditions.

In addition to crafting her personality and dialogues, I also designed a storyline connected to Amy that runs throughout the game, offering different endings based on the player's decisions and interactions with her.

This storyline adds a layer of depth and emotional investment to the game, as players will be able to see how their actions impact Amy's life and the development of their relationship. As they progress through the game, players will encounter various events and situations that challenge their bond with Amy and require them to make crucial choices that will ultimately determine the outcome of her story.
But I'll talk about the storylines some other time.

Thank you for your attention, and please add the game to your wishlist! I hope to provide you with an Early Access release date very soon!

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